Good Works

Think of the sun. (Ensure you are wearing your mental sunglasses!). In the morning, it rises and provides light for the world all day long and then sets at night. If we go out at night, we might see the moon. And there is light from the moon but that light is REFLECTED light. The source of the light is still the sun, which is shining on the moon and then being redirected towards us.

Worry or Concern?

We live in perilous times. Currently, the world, our nation, and our brethren are facing the various challenges that the Covid -19 has brought. I don’t have all the answers, but the Bible gives us some principles on this subject that we can live by and confidently build our lives on. God has not left us without counsel from above. We all at some time in our lives have found ourselves worrying—whether it be over loved ones, family difficulties, financial matters, when vehicles don’t run as we expect them to, when we have to deal with health issues, when we have deadlines that we must meet, and the list can go on and on.

Be Prepared

If you are like me, it is a bit tempting to fall into this trap. I like to tell myself things like, “I can eat a good sized bowl of ice cream daily, and it won’t affect my waistline.” And yet, over time, doing so creates a need for new pants. In behavioral economics, this is called Normalcy Bias. What has happened in the past is more likely to happen in the future. So cataclysmic events are of less probability than they otherwise might be. As an example, a robber might begin to think himself invincible, because he’s never been caught before.
The wise preacher, Solomon, reminds us that just because a judgment isn’t executed speedily doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. Poor behavior is not excused by the lack of consequences. God sees. God knows. And His judgment will come.

Manna and Quail

I’ve always wondered how the Children of Israel dealt with eating the same things day in and day out as they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. How many men jokingly asked their wives, “What’s for dinner tonight?” How many recipes were exchanged as people tried to create subtle variations in their never changing diet? These things may or may not have happened, but we do know that eventually they tired from the constancy of their diet (Numbers 11). Writers outside of this time period referred to manna in a different light, calling it “the bread of heaven” and “angel’s food” (Psalm 78:24-25).

The Stars

First, think of God the Creator and sustainer of all. Think of One who has unlimited awareness. Not a sparrow dies without Him knowing. The hairs of our heads are numbered.

Knowledge is Power

The Spirit is the only way to completely conquer our sins. God changes us in ways we can’t change on our own. Romans 8:13: “For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.” This is one of the great truths of the gospel. You don’t have to change on your own! You don’t have to do any of this on your own. Our transformed lives are the product of God working in us through his Spirit. Without the Spirit, our lives will not be transformed.

God is Love

Do you fear, Christian? There is a place of quiet rest; it is near to the heart of God. The heart of God swells with love for you. It is this vast reservoir of love that drives Him to be jealous for you. And this love is intended to quiet you. God is rejoicing over you with gladness, with singing! Like a spouse or a child who is quieted, calmed, and made secure by the knowledge that she is loved by her spouse or parent, so God’s love is intended to quiet your fears and fill you with a sense of peace and security.

The Church is Necessary

The Lord created the church so that we would have the opportunity to assemble together that we might encourage one another, practice love, lead and be lead, bear one another’s burdens, and submit to one another. Ultimately, the Lord created the church so that we would be able to help each other in our walk with the Lord. The Day of the Lord is approaching. Let us not forsake the assembly, and thus deprive ourselves and our brethren of much needed aid.

Who Will You Be?

Growth for this work does not happen without active work on our part.  We have to want to change.  We have to look at the challenges life brings us as opportunities to grow.  Not just the tragic events in our life.  Those have a way of sharpening our senses, focusing our attention and drawing us closer to the Lord.  What about the other times when things are going well?  How do we take advantage of the relatively calm times to grow?

The Two Most Important Verses

To be sure, we do need all the Scriptures, and I am not trying to diminish the rest of God’s Word. If one only had access to these two verses, they would need more information to help them pursue this Creator and the Son He gave to the world. However, if one considered these two verses in earnest, they would indeed lead to one searching for more information. I just thought it was an interesting exercise as we consider God’s glorious message to His most precious and beloved of His creations.