The Two Most Important Verses

To be sure, we do need all the Scriptures, and I am not trying to diminish the rest of God’s Word. If one only had access to these two verses, they would need more information to help them pursue this Creator and the Son He gave to the world. However, if one considered these two verses in earnest, they would indeed lead to one searching for more information. I just thought it was an interesting exercise as we consider God’s glorious message to His most precious and beloved of His creations.

The God Who Sees Me

Unlike the gods of Egypt where she was born, the Lord paid attention to ordinary people like Hagar, cared about her personally, and had plans and purposes for her and her progeny.
Hagar did as the Lord directed, went home and bore Abram a son, who was given the name “Ishmael” by Abram (Genesis 16:15).

Who Will You Be?

Growth for this work does not happen without active work on our part.  We have to want to change.  We have to look at the challenges life brings us as opportunities to grow.  Not just the tragic events in our life.  Those have a way of sharpening our senses, focusing our attention and drawing us closer to the Lord.  What about the other times when things are going well?  How do we take advantage of the relatively calm times to grow?